Electric Eyelash Curler


Create long and beautiful eyelashes in seconds with our Electric Eyelash Curler!

Unlock The Full Potential Your Lashes Have To Offer On The Go Or At Your Home.
  • Battery Powered For On The Go Looks And Portability.


  • Completely Safe To The Touch With No Risk Of Burns Or Scalding.


  • Switch Operated With Built-In LED Light To Let You Know It’s Ready.

The curler is specially designed to separates lashes while the heat gently shapes them into curls - with zero pinching or squeezing!


QUICK & LONG-LASTING: The biggest advantage of heat is that it only takes several seconds to create curls that last all day, through humidity and rain.


NO PINCH, NO PULL: This is by far the most wonderful perk of heated lash curlers. Unlike traditional clamps, the majority of heated curlers are wand-like, which means there's nothing pulling or pinching at your eyes.


PERFECT FOR FRAGILE LASHES:  If you have fragile lashes or lashes that are falling out, the last thing you want to do is subject them to the tug-and-pull of clamp curlers. Heated curlers, on the other hand, simply lift up your lashes for a gentle curl - without any force.


CURLS & TAMES:  Got lashes that like to stick out in all different directions? A clamp-style curler is just going to accentuate that. A heated curler, on the other hand, helps tame and curl those stubbornly wild lashes.


GET THAT EXTRA LIFT: You go through all the effort to curl your lashes but as soon as you put a layer of mascara, they droop again. Sound familiar? With a heated lash curler, you can get an extra lift and curl in seconds, without the breakage that you'd risk by putting mascara-ed lashes in a clamp curler.